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Perimeter Protection System

Our range of outdoor electronic perimeter detection systems are used to prevent unauthorized outdoor site access and mitigate risk of vandalism, theft or harm to critical infrastructure, property and individuals. We deploy combination of fence, buried cable or digital microwave sensors on a single communications platform - to protect each portion...

  Perimeter Protection System

Perimeter protection is an important asset for industrial, commercial, public or private residential sites. The security market offers today a complete range of reliable and intelligent perimeter protection systems, both for indoor and outdoor security needs, enhancing the best technologies in Microwave, Infrared and Doppler sensors in order to ensure total protection of sensible sites. Thanks to the sensibility levels these systems have achieved, along with newest intelligent warning signal analysis systems they work with, perimeter protection systems assure total security of buildings in all kind of sites, from high security areas like military and nuclear plants to industrial, commercial and residential needs. Whatever your needs are, find with Novius the smartest, economical, easy installing and managing solution your security protection deserves

Outdoor Perimeter Protection:

Outdoor Perimeter Protection systems can be installed on a pre-existing structure, such as on fences and perimeter walls, or as well outdoor security can be reached creating invisible open areas using microwave barriers that generate electromagnetic fields, or also with infrared beams that detect any kind of perturbing event, triggering alarms signals if crossed.

Indoor Perimeter Protection:

Entrances, windows, doorways and balconies can be protected with internal transceiver sensors for Indoor perimeter protection security, detecting perimeter intrusions using microwaves in small applications, as well as doppler technology sensors that creates curtain patterns focused on a restricted area. Ideal for Perimeter Protection of family houses, warehouses, storage facilities and others indoor sites.

Perimeter Protection System

Perimeter protection is designed to keep intruders away from your premises. They form your first line of defense in defending against attack, property theft or harm to human life.

Fence Detection Systems:

Novius fence detection systems are today’s perimeter security solutions of choice due to their unique ability to pinpoint perimeter disturbances and eliminate nuisance alarms common to other fence sensors

  Perimeter Protection System

These intelligent sensors reliably detect attempts to climb or cut a fence, while ignoring distributed noise from wind, rain or vehicle traffic. By successfully distinguishing legitimate attacks from harmless environmental disturbances, nuisance alarms are prevented.

Software-controlled Free-format Zoning lets users assign alarm zones anywhere along the cable, reducing hardware requirements, lowering installed cost and assuring superior detection. Sensitivity leveling calibrates the sensor to uniquely compensate for variations in fence fabric, resulting in uniform detection along the fence line.

Buried Cable Detection Systems:

Buried cable detection systems offer reliable protection for applications where covert perimeter protection is essential. These volumetric intelligent sensors offer unrivalled features and unique detection capabilities, including precise location of walking, running or crawling intruders. Terrain-following capabilities allow our buried systems to follow ground contours and handle tight turns with ease.

Buried sensors are simple to configure and system parameters can be set to individual site requirements. Sensitivity leveling calibrates the sensor to uniquely compensate for variations in ground composition or site conditions – resulting in uniform detection along the protected area. Software-controlled Free-Format Zoning lets users assign detection zones anywhere along the cable, keeping hardware requirements low and assuring superior detection.

Microwave Sensors:

Microwave sensors, also known as Radar, RF or Doppler sensors, detect walking, running or crawling human targets in an outdoor environment. Flexible, reliable microwave links and transceivers for the protection of open areas, gates or entryways and rooftop or wall applications.

Microwave sensors generate an electromagnetic (RF) field between transmitter and receiver, creating an invisible volumetric detection zone. When an intruder enters the detection zone, changes to the field are registered and an alarm occurs

Our microwave sensors are easy to install, provide high probability of detection, low nuisance alarms and resistance to rain, fog, wind, dust, falling snow and temperature extremes. Most operate at K-Band frequency, maximizing detection performance and minimizing interference from external radar sources.

Infrared Sensors:

Novius offers several high-performance, stand-alone active and passive infrared sensors specifically designed for outdoor intrusion detection applications.

Active infrared technology employs a two-column sensor for detection of intruders. The transmitter unit emits invisible active infrared beams. The receiver unit receives and analyses the beams and detects intruders passing between the two columns.

With passive infrared technology, intrusions are detected by sensing temperature (heat radiation) contrast between an intruder moving through the detection pattern and the background environment. Rugged construction, integrated heaters and self-adapting technology assure the reliable operation and constant detection capacity of Novius infrared devices under changing environmental conditions or temperature extremes.

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