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EPABX & Key Telephone Systems

A private branch exchange (PBX) is a telephone exchange that serves a particular business or office, as opposed to one that a common carrier or telephone company operates for many businesses or for the general public. PBXs are also referred to as:

  EPABX & Key Telephone Systems

• PABX – Private Automatic Branch Exchange
• EPABX – Electronic Private Automatic Branch Exchange

PBXs make connections among the internal telephones of a private organization— usually a business—and also connect them to the public switched telephone network (PSTN) via trunk lines. Because they incorporate telephones, fax machines, modems, and more, the general term "extension" is used to refer to any end point on the branch.

PBXs are differentiated from "key systems" in that users of key systems manually select their own outgoing lines, while PBXs select the outgoing line automatically. Hybrid systems combine features of both.

Initially, the primary advantage of PBXs was cost savings on internal phone calls: handling the circuit switching locally reduced charges for local phone service. As PBXs gained popularity, they started offering services that were not available in the operator network, such as hunt groups, call forwarding, and extension dialing. In the 1960s a simulated PBX known asCentrex provided similar features from the central telephone exchange.

Two significant developments during the 1990s led to new types of PBX systems. One was the massive growth of data networks and increased public understanding of packet switching. Companies needed packet switched networks for data, so using them for telephone calls was tempting, and the availability of the Internet as a global delivery system made packet switched communications even more attractive. These factors led to the development of the VoIP PBX. (Technically, nothing was being "exchanged" any more, but the abbreviation PBX was so widely understood that it remained in use.)

The other trend was the idea of focusing on core competence. PBX services had always been hard to arrange for smaller companies, and many companies realized that handling their own telephony was not their core competence. These considerations gave rise to the concept of hosted PBX. In a hosted setup, the PBX is located at and managed by the telephone service provider, and features and calls are delivered via the Internet. The customer just signs up for a service, rather than buying and maintaining expensive hardware. This essentially removes the branch from the private premises, moving it to a central location.

EPABX & Key Telephone Systems


Our range of Intercoms is not just the basic Intercom System that allows users to simply chat with neighbours. It is more of a communication solution designed to cater to all the unique requirements of a residential society, addressing communication and security needs individually.

  EPABX & Key Telephone Systems

  • Inter Flat Communication
  • Flexible numbering as per flat number
  • Called number identification (Last 10 calls)
  • Tone & Pulse (DTMF & DECADIC) Dialing
  • Independent wake up alarm facility for each flat
  • Barge-in from security & key personnel
  • Extension to Flat call baring (No Man's Extension)
  • Extension to Flat call to be re-directed
  • All party conference
  • Do not disturb
  • Auto call back
  • Auto redials of missed call
  • Digital Real Time Clock at the Security / Lobby
  • Calling number indication at security
  • Call Forward indication at security
  • Hotline between flat & security
  • Paging Port Facility
  • Caller ID device interfacing
  • Automatic free line hunting

Key Telephone Systems / Business Phones

It is feature-rich touch-screen phone that brings smartphone experience at the desk. These are ergonomically designed for comfort with state-of-art call management features and functions. Ideal for business executives, knowledge workers, and multitasking professionals those who require quick and single touch access to productivity boosting features.

Analogue EPABX

Small establishments require a communication system that offers all the basic functionalities of an Intercom, coupled with some high-end features of an EPABX at a price that fits within their tight budgets. It provides all the required & essential features inbuilt in the system.

Digital EPABX

Digital EPABX makes technology work for you in more ways than you can imagine. This is enhanced further with a true digital experience inbuilt into the basic system at no extra cost, something no other PBX in the market can truly claim to deliver today.

IP Communication Server

IP-PBX range empowers Large Enterprises to experience the benefits of IP and GSM/ 3G with legacy networks and variety of subscribers. It provides pure voice-over-IP (VoIP) peer-to-peer connections across corporate local and wide area networks (LAN/ WAN) and also supports time division switching (TDM). Its users have access to hundreds of service features that are used in building unique telephony applications that enhance productivity, reduce operating costs and improve communications efficiently.

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