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Equipments Based on Solar Energy

As we hear every other day in discussions conventional energy is finite and fast depleting. On the other hand, the demand for energy is rising exponentially. Extensive use of solar energy is the only way to address this duality. Novius offers a wide range of Solar Products, suitable for a variety of applications. These modules are ideal for power generation at remote areas, where conventional power is not available or power supply is erratic. It is a noiseless, non-polluting and maintenance free source of energy.

  Equipments Based on Solar Energy

We all know that more energy hits the earth from the sun in one hour than the whole world uses all year. Yet only a fraction of it is harnessed. Now imagine if every household or institution sets up its own power generating station to capture the infinite and abundant energy of the sun! Not only would they be successful in meeting their own power requirements but in extreme cases they would actually have excess power that they could 'sell' back to the grid!

Equipments Based on Solar Energy

Novius has experience and an incredible track record in providing solar based power solutions. Novius is a fully vertically integrated solar solution provider. Novius provides the utmost in quality, assurance, and reliability, both today and over the long-term. Novius provides products that are designed to last long and serve a variety of purposes.

  Equipments Based on Solar Energy

System Description

The function of the inverter is to provide alternating current output from the DC supply. The DC supply is obtained from the battery. The inverter designs is the most critical part of the inverter system since it is required to have highest reliability as compared to any other part of the system.

Although a number of topologies are applied to produce a reliable design, Novius uses a Sine - Weighted High Frequency PWM Technique. The inverter design is extremely rugged and provides the ride through for momentary overloads. In fact the inverter is capable of blowing a normal H.R.C branch fuse which has a rating of up to 20% of the total output rating, without affecting other branch circuits. The output power of a PV panel varies according to the sunlight conditions, atmospheric conditions, including cloud cover, local surface reflectivity, and temperature. So, Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) is necessary in order to extract maximum power from the panel at all times to enhance the performance. Photo Voltaic System: PV module or panel is made of semiconductors that convert directly sunlight into electricity. The electrical model of PV system can be represented as follows:

Electrical Equivalent model of PV system
Assuming RP is very large and RS is very small, then

i-v and p-v characteristics of PV system

Charge Controllers: There are mainly three choices to charge the battery bank: No charge controller for small panels, where risk of overcharging is minimal. Using self-regulating panels having lower output voltage, which reduces the risk of overcharging at the cost of reduced system efficiency. Without a Controller, a blocking diode is required, that prevents current flowing from battery back into panel during night.

With MPPT charge controller, typically 10-30 % more power can be delivered from a solar panel. This results into quicker battery charges and more amp-hours. MPPT cont rollers generally have electrical efficiencies of 95 %, but their tracking efficiencies are around 95-99 %. Proposed Charge Controller with MPPT for PV System.

The System comprises of the following points:

1. Solar Module
2. Module Mounting Structure
3. Power Conditioning Unit
4. Battery
5. Data Logger with Remote Monitoring System
6. Canopy

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