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Transportation & Logistics

Productivity & Efficiency, Cost Savings, Regulatory Compliances and Safety-Security

Everything about Transportation & Logistics is travel you need to monitor and asset you need to protect. For sustainable and secure transportation we offer integrated solutions. Necessary technical knowledge and global presence support the design and implementation of intelligent solutions tailored to fit the individual requirements. With and extensive portfolio of innovative products and systems and a broad service portfolio we provide you security, safety and efficiency in the field of transportation. Novius has the proven solutions that take your security to a higher level. We understand that protecting a logistics store begins with the outlying area. If you know what’s going on out there, you can respond proactively before a threat reaches populated areas or core facilities. We give you serious protection that integrates into a total security solution to maximize your investment and provide the security you demand.

Our experienced and skilled project teams specify, design, install, and maintain both new systems and upgrade existing systems for:

Video Surveillance & Video Analytics
Access Control- Badging, Identity Management
Perimeter Intrusion Detection
Fire Alarm & Life Safety
Vehicle Tracking & Monitoring

Transportation & Logistics

Productivity & Efficiency

These are a hub of commerce — any down time means lost revenue. Novius helps streamline your overall operation with a specific security management platform that integrates various security subsystems such as access control, badging, identity management, video surveillance, perimeter intrusion detection and video analytics. Novius ensures that your people, equipment and facility will be better protected against events that can keep your organization from operating at full capacity.

Cost Savings

Our integrated security and digital video and monitoring systems minimize the need for separate installations, reduce interface complications and manage total cost of ownership. Equally important, Novius powerful security solutions are built on a common platform, so they’re easy to implement and simple to integrate with the systems you already have in place. You’ll enjoy lower operating costs and lower installation costs.

Regulatory Compliance

Issuing and verifying badges and credentials is a key security component at logistic hub. Novius offers state-of-the-art access control solutions that strengthen your security and improve operations. Keeping up with the ever-changing security legislation and resulting mandates is a full-time job in itself — one that Novius is committed to helping you with. Staying on top of mandates that affect your business is part of our total security solution. It’s security for your facility and peace of mind for you.


If every logistic hub were built to the exact same specifications, then a single security solution could be used everywhere. But each facility is unique, which is why we customize your security to the size, layout and other variables of each location. We’ve collected valuable data from our customers about their experiences to create solutions that work together to provide a complete security system that acts both as a deterrent and a means for quick response.

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