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Fire Alarm System

Fire Alarm — The sooner you detect a fire, or the imminent risk represented by smoke, the better. Novius Fire Alarm Technologies uses the most advanced technology to make sure that sooner means also better. All the features that make them simple to handle are designed to reduce costs over the life of the system. From flexible architecture, to time-and-money-saving installation features,

  Fire Alarm System

A Fire Detection system can add the secondary benefit of providing a much earlier warning of a fire. We help by supplying fire alarm systems for various hospitals, factories, offices, residential complexes and other sectors. The proper installation of fire alarm system in a premises helps in early detection of unwanted presence of fire by monitoring environmental changes associated with combustion and low maintenance. We have wide range of Wired as well as wireless fire alarm systems. A Wired Fire alarm systems include alarm initiating devices, alarm notification appliances, control units, fire safety control devices, power supplies, and wiring. A wireless Fire alarm system includes smoke detectors/heat detectors, manual call points, hooter, conventional/ addressable control panel etc.

Fire Alarm System

Conventional Fire Alarm System
A conventional Fire Alarm Control Panel employs sensors (initiating devices) wired in parallel. These sensors are devised to dramatically decrease the circuit resistance. In a conventional fire alarm system, the information density is limited to the number of such circuits used.

  Fire Alarm System

To facilitate location and control of fire within a building, the structure is subdivided into definite areas or zones. Floors of a multistory building are one type of zone boundary.

Addressable Fire Alarm System
Addressable panels are usually more advanced than their conventional counterparts, with greater information capacity and control flexibility. Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panels employ one or more Signaling Line Circuits, referred to as loops or SLC loops - ranging between one and thirty. Each SLC polls the devices connected, which can number from a few devices to several hundred, depending on the manufacturer.

Let’s understand, one by one, basic building blocks of Fire Alarm system-

  • Conventional & Addressable Control panels: These are automatic fire detection & wireless fire alarm system that consist of fire detectors and manual call points positioned in loops throughout a building. Procured from well reputed sources, our cost effective range is appreciated for high performance and efficient functioning.
  • Sensors & Detectors: Main sensors and detectors are Smoke, Duct and Heat detector. A smoke detector is an electronic device that detects the presence of smoke. A duct smoke detector is a smoke detector that is built into a housing that can be mounted on the side of an air handling duct. It uses pipe-like probes to sample the air inside the duct for smoke. A heat detector is similar to a smoke detector, except that it senses heat instead of smoke. We supply a range of Sensors and Detectors that are installed in various residential and commercial establishments to warn about fire hazards, which are available in various types depending on their sensing techniques. Moreover we also quality test these wireless smoke detector and heat detectors at our facility to provide maximum satisfaction to our clients.
  • Call points: Manual call point is an active fire protection device that usually gets activated when the users pulls the handle down or press the keys. Complying with international quality standards, our manual call points are of optimum quality and high in performance. Further, we also well check these devices at our end before delivering to the clients. The call points may be used in most environments as a convenient and quick way of raising an alarm. It is generally installed by exit doors to be operated as people leave a building.
  • Notification Appliances: A fire alarm notification appliance is an active fire protection component. A notification appliance may use audible, visible, or other stimuli to alert the occupants of a fire or other emergency condition requiring action. Most of today's appliances produce sound pressure levels between 45 and 120 decibels at 10 feet.
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