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Voltage Stabilizers & Isolation Transformers- Power Conditioning Equipments

With the proliferation of computers and other sensitive devices in our professional and personal lives, awareness and addressing of power quality issues is becoming increasingly important. Poor quality of power causes not only physical damage to equipment but also results in downtime (which, in turn, lowers productivity) and a substantial increase in energy costs.

  Voltage Stabilizers & Isolation Transformers- Power Conditioning Equipments

Power conditioner, the term most often refers to a device that acts in one or more ways to deliver a voltage of the proper level and characteristics to enable load equipment to function properly. In some usages, power conditioner refers to a voltage regulator with at least one other function to improve power quality (e.g. power factor correction, noise suppression, transient impulse protection, etc.).

Voltage Stabilizers & Isolation Transformers- Power Conditioning Equipments

Whenever failure is not an option, an uninterruptible power supply is the answer. Whether you just need a few minutes to save your work and shut down your PC, or extended backup time for high amperage manufacturing processes, we have the right UPS for you.

Voltage Stabilizers
  Voltage Stabilizers & Isolation Transformers- Power Conditioning Equipments

In many supply systems considerable variation is encountered in the mains voltage for which it is designed. The hazards of over-voltage are well known and these voltage fluctuations constitute a serious problem for users of most of the electrical equipments. Considering the above facts, Servo Controlled Automatic Voltage Stabilizers are used.

Stabilizers have been specifically designed to safeguard large electric equipments against voltage fluctuations. It provides complete power protection to sensitive electrical & electronic appliances, against large main voltage supply variation. It is advantageous as it is an energy saver, protects electric equipments at both low and high voltage and protects them from overload. This system keeps check on voltage variations by quick rate of correction which completely protects the appliance.

Isolation Transformer

The stringent requirements of the sophisticated equipment being used today underlines necessity of clean power. Novius has a wide range of Isolation Transformers which reduce the effects of power Line problems like noise, spikes, surges, transients and neutral, to a minimum.

Owing to inductive loads, capacitive loads, SMPS loads, electronic ballasts and with PWM Switching systems, the present AC Power lines are superimposed with dangerous spikes, Surges, transients, sags and RFI noise and harmonics.

As a result failure rates of electronic equipment are on the rise. Without adequate protection, all electronic equipment is at a great risk.

Usually the failures are not seen right away. Repeated stress from normal electrical transients weakens components and lead to shortening of component life. Line noises like spikes, surges, transients and so on definitely cause stress on semi conductor components. Machine Systems experience catastrophic program and software failures, extensive damage to PLC’s and storage media, leading to heavy losses of production, data and man-hours.

With Isolation Transformers all types of electrical noises, particularly common mode noises, spikes, surges, and transients can be eliminated.

Power Surge Protectors

Power surges are short duration voltage and current impulses that occur continuously in electrical distribution systems. The source of a surge can originate externally or internally. Lighting, utility activities such as load or capacity bank switching and surges from motor drivers are all examples of power surges. Surge Protector Contact offers a comprehensive product line of power surge protective devices (SPD) to provide solution for virtually any application. Protection for common global power used in distribution system from the main distribution panel on the low side of the voltage transformer to the control cabinet of your vital equipment. Protection for common DC systems used in high and low power applications powering your vital equipment.

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