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Power (Energy) Measuring Instruments

In today's world, energy and demand costs have skyrocketed and certainly impact any industry's balance sheet. To control energy cost, the consumer must gain answers to these questions: How much energy is used? What are the major loads? When and where electrical energy is used the most? Finally, how much does it cost? It is also important to understand the quality of the power being received.

  Power (Energy) Measuring Instruments

Poor power quality reduces productivity and is detrimental to equipment, which can drive down a company's profits.

Power monitoring is an important process in identifying current and potential power quality issues and addressing them before they get out of hand. Good power monitoring equipment can provide reliable information about power quality, demand and flow. With the growing desire to make efficient use of energy, there is an increasing demand to make more accurate and reliable power measurements. Transient, standby power, transformers, testing, and highly distorted waveforms caused by inverters, motors, lighting circuits, power supplies, etc, all require stable and trustworthy measurements. Novius, one of the most reliable providers of energy and power analyzers and meters, provides a broad choice to satisfy all requirements. Novius’s power measurement equipment is highly desirable due to its functionality, performance consistency, reliability, and the ability to support a wide range of applications. Novius’s power measurement technology provides best in class precision and stability and provides best performance for accuracy, readability, simultaneous measurement function, advanced computation, and harmonic and flicker measurement.

View our power quality analyzers, energy monitoring systems, electrical safety testers and electrical digital multifunction meters and more, categorized by function to easily determine the Novius product that is the right tool for your needs. Basic power monitoring equipment consists of the following components:

1. Computers
2. Internet or intranet
3. A power meter that measures Watts, Amps, power factor, AC power, etc.
4. Data storage facilities

Power (Energy) Measuring Instruments

DC Energy Meter Load Manager

DC energy meter measures the 4 channels of common voltage, current, watts, energy independently. It is one of the best energy management system providers is multi channel DC energy meter. It has an optional AH and load hrs which enables better load study.


  Power (Energy) Measuring Instruments

  • Battery chargers (it has a unique option of reverse lock, in which charging energy can be accumulated by blocking discharging energy)
  • Solar Energy measurements
  • DC generators
  • DC loads (like inverters, Telecom equipments etc.,)
  • The option of the digital output can be utilized by the user to shut down loads/trigger alarms when ever voltage reaches below certain level or to switch OFF – ON charging circuit automatically.

Dual Source Energy Meter

It replaces 2 energy meters recording data from different sources of energy. Relay output option available for prepaid metering based on set value with individual load hours for both energy sources. An individual load hour is available for both energy sources.


  • In all Industries to measure dual power source like EB and DG.

Power Analyzer Load Manager Data Logger

It’s a sophisticated Power Analyzer that enables user to navigate the full scope of an electrical network and empowers to manage power efficiently. The instrument offers versatile and unmatched features and functions to monitor, profile, record events, control, data logging, protect and even check the quality of an electrical system.
It is built to be a single point solution to meet your energy management needs.


  • Automatic connection or disconnection of Gensets connected to common bus.
  • Protection of equipment from Under/Over Voltage or Current or Frequency
  • Protection of 3-phase equipment from Single phase prevention, Overload etc.

Load Manager Multi Function Meters

There are Various Load Managers or Multi Function Meters which read true RMS, user programmable with Password tamper proof.
Meters come with 4 line, 3 line and single display in LED and LCD versions. The higher end meters which have optional control features offer the user very cost effective protections against electrical or equipment abnormalities.


  • In control panel to control different electrical loads.

Multi Channel Load Manager Power Distribution Unit System

It provides the customer with 3 times faster data communication to the SCADA/Energy Management Software, saves critical panel space, reduces cabling and best of all reduces the cost of the panel substantially. It’s a multi channel load manager that provides 3 channel or 9 channel single phase electrical information and is available in two different constructions (96x96mm panel meter or 90x90mm Din Rail).
Multiple PDU's can be cascaded to measure multiple channels with a maximum of 15 channels in a series with common display unit making up the Power Distribution System (PDS). The system also allows the user to have multiple meters placed in the panel with a single display unit placed at a remote location.


  • For remote reading and control, the PDU is supported by Software, designed for remote setup and data viewing and analysis
  • Building Management System: With the open modbus protocol, the PDU can interface any system, such as building management, HMI etc.

Control Products

Various control products come with up to 4 relay output options to control loads through disconnection or connection.


  • In control panel to control different electrical loads.

Energy Management System

The Energy Monitoring System is appropriate for Industries, manufacturing plants, commercial buildings or any situation where an electrical system is used. The system provides a centralized Power Monitoring and Control facility. The Energy Management System leads to savings in the overall cost. These savings may be from better utilization of manpower, savings in the energy consumption, non breakdowns in the system etc. Meters fitted at critical load centers capture data on real time basis which is then presented in wide spectrum of reports, charts, and trends. This forms a very effective analytical tool for the users to identify the wastages, losses; study equipment efficiency; prevent equipment breakdowns; plan preventive maintenance; specific energy study; plan continuous process improvement etc. The analysis derived from the real-time and accurate data decision making could be highly qualitative.

Smart Basic Meters Transducers

Novius range of basic digital meters provides the user with features required to monitor and measure electrical parameters like Current, Voltage, and Frequency. The meter is built on a technologically advanced circuitry for accurate measurement of the input signal. True RMS and user programmable password protection come as a standard feature. A powerful optional feature is two digital outputs that can be programmed for threshold of up to six parameters.
The basic meters have wide range of applications such as AC & DC measurement, equipment monitoring, Genset, Solar, and UPS applications etc.


  • AC & DC measurement
  • Equipment monitoring
  • Genset, Solar, and UPS applications etc
  • In control panel to control different electrical loads.

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