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Control Panels

Novius has versatile existence, and has served several types of Automobile Companies & their Ancillaries, Forging Industries, Sugar Industries Distilleries, Chemical Industries, Hospitals, I.T. Parks, Paint Shop Industries, Food Industries, Domestic Commodities.

  Control Panels

We can offer the services all under "One Roof" and at the most reasonable rates without compromising in the quality, services and backed by after sales service.

All the products are manufactured as per the international quality constraints and can compete with their international counterparts. The company ensures that the products are monitored at each stage of production, to ensure that only the best products leave the factory. The company's electric panels are high in looks, performance and durability.

Control Panels

Generator Panel- AMF / Synchronized AMF Panel / Automatic Changeover

AMF (Auto-Mains Failure) panels are installed for automatic changeover from mains to stand-by generator at the time of power failure thus are widely used in industries for managing DG sets.

  Control Panels

To suit the specific requirements of our clients, we offer these precision engineered AMF panels in various sizes and specifications. Range of panel includes automatic changeover with current limit, battery charger, power invertors, automatic changeover and sine wave inverters. These can be PLC / Microprocessor / Relay based as per requirement.

Synchronized AMF panels are extensively used for automatic changeover from mains to stand-by generator at the time of power failure. Designed in compliance with the international standards of quality, these synchronized AMF panels are ideal for places where the generators are installed between main AC and load.

The ACCL (Automatic Changeover with Current Limit) allows unrestricted supply from mains, when the main supply fails and stand by Generator supply is on. It connects the DG power to each consumer in sequence & starts monitoring its load. The generator current allotment is software calibrated & sealed in each ACCL as per buyer's specification & is available on all load circuits. Whenever the load current exceeds the allotment, power is automatically switched off for 8/10/12 seconds, and then automatically restored.

HT & LT Switchboards

The power distribution boards offered are fixed single front/double front design with feeders as per customer requirement to suite the applications. The distribution boards offered are indoor type/ outdoor type as per the requirement.

Metering Panel Boards

Metering Panel Boards are widely used for domestic as well as industrial purposes. Our Electrical Metering Panel Boards are designed with careful wiring and are excellent in appearance. These Metering Panel Boards are made of 16/2mm/ 2.5 mm cold rolled, mild steel metal clad, free standing, totally enclosed, cubicle type, fully compartmentalized, outdoor / indoor installations and suitable for operation on 11kV, 3ph, 50Hz., and AC earthed system. The panel contains the equipments and components complete with bus bar interconnections, control wiring, designation labels, caution notices, EB sealing and pad locking facilities wherever required.

Motor Control Centers

MCC are offered up to 1600 A operational current at 40 degree Celsius ambient Temperature in single and double front design for 50 kA short Circuit Withstand Capacity and from IP 52 to IP 65 degree of Protection. Form IV of separation as per IS: 8623 is maintained. Types of starters include Automatic Star Delta; Direct On-line, Soft Starters, Variable Frequency Drives, Stator Rotor Starters and Autotransformer Starters. Used for Special & General purpose machines, with Hydraulic / pneumatically controlled PLC / Relay Based circuits.

Power Control Centers

We offer PCC panels which are used for varied industrial applications and provide reliable and effective service. We fabricate highest quality power control centre (PCC) panel, which are used to control the entire power supply. These panels are artificial as client's specifications and requirements which very well get together with the industry demands.

Power Control Centers are being designed and manufactured up to 4000A rating, suitable for operational Voltage of 415V in a 3 phase 4 wire distribution systems with an insulation voltage up to 660V at an ambient Temperature of 40 degree Celsius. The form of separation as IS 8623 is FORM IV. Short circuit withstand capacity is 50 kA and degree of protection from IP 52 to IP 65; both of these parameters are type tested. The switchboards offered are in fixed and semi draw-out type configuration with single front design.

Power Distribution Panels

Distribution Panels or panel board is a type of component of electricity supply system that is used for the division of electrical power feed into subsidiary circuits. It provides a protective fuse or circuit breaker in a common enclosure. There is provision of a main switch, one or more residual current devices or residual current breakers, and over current protection (RCBO).The power distribution boards offered are fixed single front/double front design with feeders as per customer requirement to suite the applications. The distribution boards offered are indoor type/ outdoor type as per the requirement. Can provide Incoming power distribution, with single/multiple incomings with Copper/aluminum bus bar with insulation of PVC Shrinkage sleeve, Single/Double door (Dust & Water free with degree of protection IP55/IP65) As per IS: 8623.

Power Factor Control Panels- Capacitor / P F Control / APFC / RTPFC Panel

We provide all types of Power Factor Improvement Panel. Capacitor / P F Control Panel maintain the power factor of the system by switching the capacitor banks as per the requirements of the system. The APFC panel is automatic power factor correction panel used to achieve the overall power factor near unity as per the electrical requirement. The power factor correction capacitors are used for the same. The microprocessor based controller is normally used to control the power factor automatically. These automatic power factor control panel (APFC) are designed and urbanized using higher techniques and are capable of saving utmost power and energy. This APFC Panel are highly competent and precisely monitor the reactive power in power systems for saving energy and can alter the system voltage as well as current. These panels are also providing with capacitors along with series reactors to minimize the harmonic current.

Automation / PLC / Relay Control Panels

For Textile, Paper, Plastic, Pharmaceutical Plywood & various type of industries with control such like as Temperature, Pressure, Flow, Motion control.

AC & DC Drive Control Panel

We are specialized in offering AC/DC drive control panels. Being easy to install and sturdy in construction, these panels are widely used to control the sensitive motor operations and machines, pumping operations and process control applications. Our AC/DC drive control panels are available in models & Amps/ KVA rates of one Amp to any required Amps.

Fire Fighting Panel

The control panels offered for the fire control system are to maintain the required hydrant pressure in the pipe lines. The hydrant pressure is maintained with the use of main pump, jockey pump & by the diesel engine. The controller offered for the diesel engine is basically microprocessor based controller including alarms for specific faults.

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